Start with your now.

Start with your now.

The journey to more authenticity, love and THE meaning in life

Explore your potential
and your purpose.
Discover true freedom in life.

With personal development, counseling and coaching based on
the archetypal hero’s journey.

Meet me at:

Deep Dive Retreat:
Hero’s Journey

Kassel, DE

24.05.2024 – 26.05.2024

Deep Dive Retreat:
Lover’s Journey

coming soon…

Deep Dive Retreat:
 Hero’s Journey

Malaga, ES

16.10.2024 – 18.10.2024

Deep Dive Retreat: Soul’s Journey

coming soon…

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About Michael Fuchs

Michael Fuchs is the one who
is called when there is a fire.

As the No. 1 expert for the Hero’s Journey in German-speaking countries, his clients include some of the leading personalities in modern business. His unerring instinct for people and their inner processes help him to bring deep qualities to light. He combines key aspects of economics, psychology, Eastern and Western philosophy with over 40 years of meditation experience and delves into topics such as breathwork, flow skills and neurofeedback.

In my work, I connect people with their own power and create spaces in which we meet in the awareness of love.

The integral

The Integral Journey is a contemporary version of the personal development journey that has been tried and tested for centuries in all common cultures. It was developed out of the desire to make personal development and modern spirituality inspiring, easy and accessible for everyone. It is divided into three module areas.

Part 1: Hero’s Journey

Online preparation & Deep Dive Retreat

The Hero’s Journey not only gives you a map for personal development, but also the tools you need to build a powerful body, mind and heart foundation and integrate it into your life through daily routines.

You can take your personality and the energy in your life to a whole new level. You connect with the strongest archetypes of personality development and gain access to the self-healing and integration deeply anchored within you.

Part 2: Lover’s Journey

Online preparation & Deep Dive Retreat

Make your way to the source of lasting happiness. Most people’s sense of self is so strongly mixed with the content of their own experience that it is hardly possible to perceive themselves without their own history or the content of their consciousness.

For this reason, they do not fully experience the peace and happiness inherent in their own being. Self-enquiry is the exploration of the nature of the self that reveals its innate calm and happiness and leads to the realization of the essential unity of the self.

Part 3: Soul’s Journey

1:1 coaching & Deep Dive Retreat

The gateway to the awakening of consciousness. Deepen your contact with yourself, discover your true purpose and embrace your conscious life.

Resolve “self-destructive impatience”, insatiable desires, the lack of mystery, the addiction to security and comfort and the never-ending longing for pleasure and wealth. Let go of pride, narcissism and the intoxication of your own ego.

Integral Journey in detail

The Integral Journey consists of three parts. Hero’s Journey, Lover’s Journey and Soul’s Journey. Each of the Deep Dive Retreats starts 4 weeks in advance, where we will send you emails at regular intervals. There you will find workbooks as PDFs (PreReader) and all the necessary tasks and information you need for your trip. We also have a live call where you can get to know me and your comrades better. 

After each Deep Dive Retreat, we integrate the whole process for four weeks and meet in a final live call for assessment.


Selected travel companions

“It takes so little,
to go on the journey: Curiosity &
Openness. And suddenly you find yourself face to face with yourself. The greatest gift you can give yourself!”

Johanna Hess, FOND OF

“It is no exaggeration to say that Viva con Agua would not exist without the coaching, advice, mentorship, guidance, care, love, support and passion of Michael Fuchs.”

Michael Fritz, Co-Founder Viva con Agua

“I met myself. It’s not an easy path to keep standing up for yourself, reflecting and looking at old patterns. But Michael’s calmness and his unique gift of not giving me answers, but accompanying me on the path to my own truth, seem to make everything possible. With deep gratitude, I look forward to everything that is yet to come.”

Esther Kuhnen, Member of Leadershipsprouts

“The development training sessions convinced me because they focus on the core of my personality. The methods I was able to learn gave me deep insights and changed my attitude for good, because it’s not about the everyday symptoms, but about the patterns behind them.”

Leonardo Spata, Leadership Develop Manager, Swisscom

Start your journey to yourself.
Start with your now.

The next hero’s journey:
15.-19.10.24 in Andalusia, Spain

The next hero’s journey:
15.-19.10.24 in Andalusia, Spain

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