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Well, look at your love.

You are full of thoughts about the past, about your partner’s body, about how good it was when you were together, about what she said to you.

You are also full of thoughts about what is to come – groping, hoping to stretch your hand through the veil of time and looking to the future for a guarantee that your dreams and expectations will come true.

Try not to do it.

Don’t think about past and upcoming events.

Immerse yourself in the feeling of love and melt into it.

L. Leonteva

the end of the ordinary world

“Nearby or far away,
in the future or in the present,
Or also in any
invented world.

Is the encounter given to us
Like the tree to the moon,
The wind to the blade of grass,
The clouds to the flying birds

Are we destined to be touched
Like autumn leaves flying through an open door,
Like the planks of the jetty that sink into the dark depths of the water,
Like a wild path that plunges into the stone slope

Is it destiny when our paths meet
Casually, side by side, with full force
Passing or crossing each other

Through an open window
I call into the distance”

L. Leonteva

What is the Lover's Journey about?

What is it about
in the Lover's Journey?

Your travel companion:
Michael Fuchs

I have been organizing hero’s journeys in Germany and Europe for 25 years now. Throughout the years, I have worked with people from 18 different countries and have given lectures about personal development at more than 30 national and international congresses.

The reason for the quality of my work are my own experiences of adversity and loss throughout my life.

After each process of letting go, I found myself lighter, and more alive and more aware. I freed myself from many concepts about myself and about life, and increasingly recognize the interconnectedness of truth and perception. Through self-regulation, getting to know and accepting my patterns, shadows, and survival strategies.

All of this has led me, now that I am almost 60 years old, to understanding what truly makes one w h o l e ( g a n z ) .

My life has been and continues to be a hero’s journey; a journey to myself. It’s possible to undergo a profound transformation. This transformation leads to a new perspective on experiences, to greater awareness, a deep connection to oneself, to others, and to the universe .

The Deep Dive Retreats are the essence of my impact and my life’s work.

More about my background.

Next Lover's Journey

The location

The Gaia Retreat House is surrounded by nature, just 20 minutes by car from Kassel. It offers a cozy and safe space for us. The house has an inviting living room with a brick fireplace, a colorful sauna area and a laundry room. There are 10 guest rooms spread over three floors, as well as a beautiful 75 square meter seminar room.

The Gaia Retreat House also offers us healthy and delicious vegetarian cuisine. Meals are freshly prepared using locally sourced and organic ingredients to ensure we are well looked after during our stay. We are happy to cater for special dietary needs and requirements.

More photos can be found here.

The location

The ‘Hilla’ is our retreat location for the Deep Dive Retreat, nestled amidst nature.

With 11 individually designed rooms, including single, double, and twin rooms, the house offers tranquil comfort. Seven high-quality bathrooms are available. The spacious kitchen, dining room, seminar room, as well as the cozy fireplace and writing room, invite community and creativity.

Meals featuring fresh, locally sourced vegetarian dishes are included during our stay.
The surrounding forest garden offers a terrace, hammock, and an orchard.

More photos can be found here.

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